Areas of Life and the start of Rich Life Journeys

Welcome to Rich Life Journeys!!

​Why “Rich Life Journeys"?

Rich Life Journeys made sense because… well, first I thought it was a good hook and catchy at the same time, but it actually felt like it fit me. Not singly focused on one area and having the others fall apart. It resonated with me and hopefully will do the same for a lot of other like-minded individuals.

​We are all on many separate journeys. Many things are going on in our lives, no matter what age or income level. And of course, we all desire to arrive at our destinations fulfilled, excited and feeling rewarded by the journey itself. Who says, "I can't wait to come home from work today tired and rundown"?

So, not “rich” in the sense of money, but depending on the journey that may be the reward. Rewards may impact other areas of life. Things such as achieving a certification; mastering a skill; a promotion; seeing your child graduate; or getting those six pack abs.

Defining The Areas of Life

What good is talking or blogging about areas of life’s journeys and how “rich” we’d like them to be if we haven’t defined the areas of life as we see them. Many of the areas of life are ones most everyone has, but some are unique. I’ll start with mine as a template. As you read the journeys currently underway for the my areas of life, consider if they apply to you or if you’d say or use something different. Some journeys you may find that you’ve already completed and some that have not started.

So grab some paper and pencil to sketch out your own or use some mind mapping software. We all have a basic set. We may call them something different, but they are similar. Then we all have unique items that appear (and disappear) alongside life’s journeys. I don’t have school or college as an area for myself, although I could have a “training” bubble under my business for example. You’ll also see my son in mine below and the father role that may not apply to you.

So here is my board as it stands today.

Areas of my life image.

My Areas Of Life

I’ve charted my areas of life out in mind map format. I keep it on a small whiteboard taking a picture of it every now and then as a sort of versioning technique. It’s a living diagram, and I may need a bigger whiteboard soon. I have some improvements I’d like to make, but I’ll address those at the end. The mind map format works well though. It gives a quick view of all the things going on in my life. I can pause for a second and think “does that area need more attention?”

I actually got this technique from one of Tony Robbins' exercises in one of his many programs. The mind map is my unique twist. I’m a big believer in leveraging ideas, lessons, and frameworks from others whenever possible. Never be ashamed or too prideful to start with someone else’s strategy and work it until it’s your own. Assuming it doesn’t quite fit you right from the start. I do this in all the major areas below.

Yeah, it’s all over the place, but it’s a mind map so it should be. As you can see, I filled up my little whiteboard. I’m sure I could have carried somethings out further. For example, Relationships —> Business could have gone deeper with key people or companies. You may do yours a little differently. I centered everything around four core areas:

  • Myself (which I called “Perry Inc”) - these are the things that are important, directly to me, that I’m continually working on. Growth may have other items hanging off of it like self-development courses, seminars and such.
  • Finances - which I break down into Investing/Savings and Income where I’ve got businesses, but could just as well had Career.
  • Relationships - you could go deep here. I tried to keep it to my major ones. I could have possibly titled this “Roles" as well. Something I picked up from Franklyn Covey’s prioritization technique, so I’d have a Father, Husband, Son (to my parents), Brother, etc.
  • “Lil’ Task” - this "Little Task," is a catch-all reminder of projects or task that pop up or recur on an ongoing basis. I guess I didn’t want to say I have a relationship with my home, car or food, but they do generally impact multiple other areas. You may have different everyday items that just eat time from your day/week that you’d like to include. In my case, I do spend time caring for my car and home, and those activities vary in level of effort depending on the circumstance.

You’re thinking that I could have also started with everything sprouting out of “Perry Inc,” but having “self” at the center seemed too… self-centered. However, Perry Inc is about building a better me... a better Perry. The bubbles around it are areas I strive for continuous improvement through the use of an experimental mindset. It also is a reminder to take full care of you and gives a distance between some of the other areas. After all, we are not our business or finances.

Feel free, when creating your own "Areas of Life" board (I've moved mine to MindMup), to put items where you feel most comfortable. The idea is to be able to look at the board and immediately have a feel for how the areas of your life are doing. Is your focus going where it's needed? I use the board when doing my goal planning. My high-level improvement or maintenance targets start with Self (Perry Inc), Relationships and Finances.

I’ll try to do another post in the future on my goal development methodology which also takes best practices for many others and has been molded to my own.

Now, if you haven't already done so, go make your own areas of life diagram and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Hope this leads to a positive step on your Rich Life Journey!