Rich Life Journeys
is all about.

It’s All About The Journey

Are you a busy professional with a challenging day job? Balancing many continually changing priorities? But your entrepreneurial spirit is determined to build an online passive income business.

Then this is the place for you.

Hi, I’m Perry.

I’m a builder and a learner that’s turned his focus to perfecting the skills and processes to build an online business that fits into one's lifestyle instead of dictating it. A business that accepts upfront effort for later continuing financial returns.  

Here at Rich Life Journeys, it is all about the journey. Mainly, the entrepreneurial journey to build a less time-constrained income producing online business while working full time in a challenging profession. Yes, it’s hard; it’s easy to lose focus; and difficult to bounce back when overcome by other priorities (yeah, life happens). But the journey keeps pushing on. Whether you are just starting or have been building for a while, this is the place for you.

Occasionally, I will touch on other "Areas Of Life" such as mindset, productivity, nutrition, and health as part of creating the rich life.

One thing to know, creating the rich life is not about the money. My philosophy is there has to be a balance in the other areas of life that you cherish. For me, those are:

  • Spiritual Being
  • Health (both physical and mental)
  • check
  • Financial Security

Many of "Areas of Life" are intertwined with multiple branches of their own. If one gets off kilter, it can wreak havoc on the others.

Rich Life Journeys is here to help you get back in sync and to continue moving forward. You won't just hear about the struggles, failures, and success. No, I'll tell you how I overcame and provide you with a roadmap to use to get out of the same or similar situation. In many instances, I go even deeper with "How To" documents, processes, procedures, and recommendations.

In the end, it needs to be repeatable, so no one says “Oh, that was lucky.”

About Perry

I’ve been an employee in the government; a large, small and tiny company; and now an independent consultant or single person company owner. The single common factor is building and providing solutions.

My passion and skill have always been building solutions or fixing stuff. From putting together my niece's dollhouses and other toys on Christmas day to designing and implementing complex authentication and authorization systems for commercial and government clients crafting the desired solution is the driver. Over the years, I’ve learned to focus these skills internally creating better solutions that directly impact the areas of life that matter most and sharing with others.

My motto as a consultant is “Do the hard things that many people/companies need; build respect amongst your peers and clients; and the great paying opportunities will follow.” So early in my IT security career, I spent a lot of off-hours time learning how things worked. In the mud, digging deep, and it’s was worth the effort and continues to pay benefits.

Today, that same determination is being used to create the core knowledge, systems, and processes, to support the building of an online business while maintaining the excellent service provided for my primary business.

This is the Entrepreneurial Journey and the current theme here at Rich Life Journeys.

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